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​SwarAngeli album; 
offering of deep soul melody

This album contains a very unique collection of devotional songs from different spiritual background. Most of the songs are composed by Ashvins. So here you find old indian mantra's as well as sacral songs, angelsong and soefi song. 

Below we mention the songs shortly and you can listen to the tracks by clicking on the button below. when you order the cd you allso get the tekst, so you can read and sing along...enjoy!


Songs from SwarAngeli:

- Gam Ganapathaye Namah; invitation to Lord Ganesh

Ora Pronobismedieval Marie-Hymn, about the mystical rose in your heart

Pehali KiranOde to the pure first ray of the Sun

Yod Hey Shin Vav HeyOld Hebrew Christ mantra

White Thursday; Angelic Christ song composed on White Thursday

- Allah Il Allahown composed Soefi Song

- Mharo DholnaSong dedicated to, and inspired by the Indian Monsoon, rainy season.

Gatistvam; is an old deep sloka about surrendering to Mother Divine

HashemAngelsong, invitation and dedication to the four ArchAngels, Michael, Gavriel, Uriel and Raphael

Hanuman Chalissa; Traditional hymn in praise of Lord Hanuman...In the old scriptures is said that you can find Moksha by chanting this hymn. 

- Lokah SamastahMantra for the happiness of all beings

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