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Ashvins can be Approached for different kind of occasions:


- Retreats

- Yoga centers

- Spiritual centers/ temples

- Spiritual happenings

- Cultural occasions

- Festivals

- Special ceremoniess


Beside concerts Ashvins allso provides workshops in music, rythm, mantrasinging and meditation. 


Ashvins brings: healing, light and bliss to the audience through there devotional songs, mantras, slokas, angel song, healing songs, sacral music.


“Ashvins” brings a wide repertoire in Devotional music. They are inspired by the Gnostic and Mystic ways from all over the world. So they bring a colorful bouquet with mantra’s, bhajans, kirtans, sloka’s, soefi-songs, shaman-songs, sacral and angel-songs as well as healing-songs, which creates a very beautiful atmosphere and touches the soul from deep within. The accent lies in the old Indian tradition.



Sandip Bhattacharya - Tabla, Percussion, Vocal 

Buvana - Vocal, Harp, Guitar, Flute, Sjamanic drum


Sandip Bhattacharya - is a Benaras born master Tabla player of Indian classical music.
Based in Nederland since many years, he travels around the world with top Indian musicians, (Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustd. Shahid Parvez, Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee, Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya etc.) world fusion groups, for festivals, concerts in well known theaters. Sandip has recorded more then 40 CD's from different rec. labels and has his own group " Senergy world Percussion "  He regularly gives workshops and Master classes in many Universities in Netherlands, India and around the world.  He is a known composer and singer, sings his own songs.

Beside that he is an active teacher of tabla, vocal and indian music. He has many students making there marks on their own in the field of music. 

Buvana - was born in a musical family, spent many years in spirtual path and traveled in India many a times. With the spiritual and muscical inspiration she started to compose her own songs. Her speciality is healing, devotional and sacral music. She is the founder of Tempelbron, a center for healing and transformation. Her dutch website for this is

Buvana has a beautiful CD ' Songs of light on her credit. And she recorded her solo-cd with composed songs; "Tempel of the Sea" in 2016. To listen to tracks, see agenda on this site or visit Buvana's websites.

Her dutch website is and english one is

She allso can be booked alone to play at the bedside, or to support all kind of transformations processes, or important soulrites like marriage, pregnancy etc.

She plays allso to support different workshops and retreats. Like silence retreats...



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